Axular, the one who wrote the book "Guero".

Who was Axular?

Pedro Axular, whose name was Pedro Aguerre Azpilkueta, was born in Urdazubi, Navarre, in 1556 and died in Sare, Lapurdi, in 1644.
One of the most prolific writers of prose in Basque. The farm-house where he was born was called Axular. Very near to Lapurdi. Therefore the Basque dialect spoken was the one from Lapurdi.

After attending University in Salamanca he became a priest in 1596. He stayed in Donibane-Lohizun for five years as a preacher.

He then became a friar in Sara thanks to Bertrand Etxauz, the bishop of Bayonne, who came from Baigorri. At the break of the XVII century he started the School at Sara, and according to Villasanta, he was the head and soul of that trend of literature. It was there where he wrote his masterpiece "Guero, bi partetan partitua eta bercia" in 1643. His sage and almost mythical figure was certainly acquired thanks to this book.


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