What do we do?

General aims: The main aim of the association is reinforcing the whole of the people interested in the Basque culture, and therefore establish the means for the development of the culture and the Basque language in Burlata. Other aims are participating in the cultural trend of Burlata, our village, as well as Navarre and the whole Basque Country while co-operating with other associations with the same aims.

Activities: Talks, exhibitions, excursions, theater plays, and other activities are organized every two weeks more or less. The magazine in Basque AXULAR is also published (four numbers per year and three thousand ). Worth mentioning are the Cultural Week (every June and fifteen so far) and the "Mus" cards game Contest every December-January (fifteen so far). The first "Euskal Tribial Orreaga" Contest in the Basque Country has been organized as well.

Cultural teams: worth mentioning are the magazine editors and the children's group.