HIRUHERRI' is a questions and answers game. On the whole there are 500 questions about Burlata/Burlada, Uharte/Huarte and Atarrabia/Villava.
A minimum of two opponents are needed to play the game, which has been planned for the young and the adult with no limit in the number of players.



There is a path made up of square spaces crossing the three villages Burlata/Burlada, Uharte/Huarte and Atarrabia/Villava. The path runs along river Arga, where you may fall.
"Askatasuna" High School is found in the START space in the middle of the board. Counters move with the result of the rolling dice.
Spaces are colored according to each category: blue for History, green for Culture, yellow for Geography, brown for Sports, and purple for Miscellany. The sand-clock controls the time allotted to each question, and it is allowed to use the map for the Geography questions.

When the counter lands in a category space, the player is asked a question in that category. There are a hundred cards with five questions each. Answers have been included.
There are a few surprises on the board. The river might drag you to another space or you might have to stay and relax at an Inn.
The five-piece jigsaw puzzle must be set up, each piece a different color.
If the player correctly answers the question in the category space, a piece for the puzzle will be won. The object of the game is finishing the puzzle.

* Basque is the only language used in the game.



1- Getting to know the history of our country, our sports, culture, music geography and so on through a set of questions.

2- Strengthening the links that have always joined our three villages by getting to know the villages through those topics.

3- Fostering the use of the Basque language by using a cultural game.

4- Showing that our country and Basque language are alive by building up our culture and by improving our language.

5- Playing and enjoying ourselves with our friends



- Burlata: Axular Culture Association, Unzu Bookshop, Bentapea Stationary (Muro), Aladabea Club, Peña Euskal Herria Club, Hilarión Eslaba Bookshop and Gil Bookshop
- Uharte: Berdintasuna Association
- Atarrabia: Etxebeltza Association